Ways to come up with Football predictions (value bets)

There are three methods to determine worth bets:

  1. 1. Watch sporting events on a regular basis
  2. 2. Don’t be last to know about the latest sports news
  3. 3. Create an algorithm or formula to use on statistics

Each of these approaches offers pros and pros and.

Watch sporting events on a regular basis

The first is, for instance, requiring you to sit down and take notepads and paper for a week to be able to predict the outcome of one or perhaps two leagues. Of course, there’s the best way for you to learn about the game than to watch it live.

It allows you to be aware of the forward who is on the right track and most more likely to get goals, what coach is under pressure from owners and fans, or who’s goalkeeper committed a mistake for the third time in the row. A smart mind could be capable of coming up with an decent soccer prediction having this data.

However, there are some drawbacks. The first is that it takes a lot of time and, honestly the best method to lose your love for a game is to binge watch it :).

Second, Major league games are the most popular for bets on them, so experts from bookmakers also follow these games, in order to determine odds.

It’s difficult to compete with them, which is why you’ll have to keep an eye on lesser-known leagues in order to get an edge. It’s not something that you can enjoy every week.

The third party, or the gambler who chooses to engage in the process, has to possess excellent analytical abilities. Unfortunately many of us are blessed with this ability.

I have friends who have made a lot of money by watching games, but it’s never been enough to earn large amounts of money , or stable long-term income.

Don’t be last to know about the latest sports news

The other method can yield an impressive profit with speed and use an Soft Bookmaker. This requires you not to wait until you learn what player has been injured, which manager was fired and who was involved in a sexual assault scandal.

These types of news typically impact the performance of a sports team however, it is interesting to note that many bookmakers aren’t able to adjust their odds. The biggest drawback of this approach is that unusual events occur in a uncommon manner. For instance, when it comes to football, for the most part of times, things go as normal. A punter is able to only hope for a manager to get fired or a brilliant player to be involved in a sexual scandal that involves the slightest. The infrequent nature of these incidents requires high expenditures, which the majority of us are unable to afford.

Find an algorithm or formula to use on statistics

We are left to use the algorithm. This is my preferred option because it takes care of all the work. After you’ve created it (or someone else has shared the idea with you) you will have a plethora of high-value bets you can place. Another benefit of an algorithmic strategyis that it is possible to run it retroactively. Simply put you can try it with a different year or even a season to see the amount you could have earned if you had utilized it.

If a professional punter discovers an efficient algorithm that can provide his with a fair amount of bets and a good return, half the work needed to create an ongoing steady earnings from sports betting is accomplished. Next step would be to decide the amount of money he’d like to withdraw every month from the bookmaker.

Find out the different algorithms generally and become familiar with Sporita’s latest prediction algorithm.

What is betting ROI?

As with any other type of investment or business betting on sports, professional sports betting requires a precise measurement scale. A skilled gambler should be aware of the level of success he has achieved and cannot be determined based on profit as the quality of predictions for sports isn’t the only factor that determines the outcome. A sum of money spent as well as the amount of bets placed play a part as crucial as the value of the bets.

Many approaches have been attempted to solve this issue, however, the majority of them have not solved the problem, with a large number of them are still incorrectly utilized by all sorts of gamblers and punters.

Win Rate.

In the case of betting on sports the outcomes of all matches and events are recorded in odds from bookmakers. The definition of odds is a chance or likelihood of something happening. For instance, Barcelona against Getafe at home, has around 90% of winning the game. That’s 9 times out of 10 they’ll win, which is having a 90% winning rate. What will it cost you in money? It all depends on the odds the bookmaker gives. If there’s any worth in┬áthe bookmaker’s services to offer, you’re losing money even with the highest win percentage.

This is the reason why “win rate” may be an ideal measure for a coin toss however, it isn’t suitable for betting on sports. It’s unfortunate that many gamblers continue to make use of it.

Classic ROI.

Bankers, investors as well as businessmen utilize the term ROI as a basic meaning which is a reference to Return on investment. In other words, you invest some money into stocks or businesses after which you review it one year later, and all the money you earned over your investment divided by it yields the ROI. For instance, if we put 100$ into the investment and the investment increases to 110$, we will have 10 percent ROI.

Numerous websites of tipsters attempt to entice gamblers and bettors by presenting them with a huge return on investment. But, those who are naive don’t bother asking how long it took to achieve this amount. How many bets did it require? In the example above, if I bet 100 dollars on an bet with odds of 2. If the bet wins, I’ll earn a 100 percent return on investment.

In another scenario you can make a deposit of 100 dollars on the bookmaker account, and make a thousand bets using it over the course of a year, and reach a total of 110dollars. It may be claimed that it’s 10% ROI however, the real investment is greater than 100$ because he placed the money he earned and that must be part of the investment. This makes the ROI considerably less.

Let’s examine it with an illustration. Let’s say I deposit 100$ amount and make two bets at odds of 2-50$ each. One loses, another is successful. Then, I place a bet two times on similar odds, but this time, both bets pay off. I get 200dollars. While it could appear like it’s a 100% ROI however, the actual investment is $200 and the net gain is 100$ that’s 50 percent ROI.

That’s why the standard ROI model isn’t an ideal measure for betting on sports.

Betting ROI.

As professional punters, we must to know the amount of funds we could make from each bet made with a certain stake. Similar to how an online casino earns 1.4 percent for each roulette spin and we must be aware of how much we can earn from every bet. Let’s take an example: that your bets earn 10% ROI , and you want to earn 1000dollars. To reach this goal, you’ll need to determine your stake to be 100$, and you need to find 100 bets to bet. 100$ seems too high for you? Set it at 10$ however, you’ll have to bet 1000 times to earn your 1,000dollars. The equation is easy to understand: ROI * Stake of bets/100 is Net Profit.

We know with the help of betting ROI precisely:

  1. 1. The accuracy of our predictions
  2. 2. How much are we going to make?
  3. 3. What is the number of bets (time) will it be to be?

All this information is in one indicator : Betting ROI. This is one reason why the betting ROI indicator is considered to be the most reliable measure of betting on sports.