What does a laptop look like? Type of Laptop And Their Uses

If you’re surfing the internet or performing some technical work, you’ve probably have heard of laptop. What exactly is a Laptop? What are the functions of laptops? What is a laptop like? What kind of laptop? These concerns arise in your the mind. However, today we will be able to be able to answer these questions.

What is Laptop?

Laptops are among the classifications based on form of computer products that is a device which combines the required equipment into one device , and can fold in half to allow it to be portable. The word “laptop” originally means “top” on the lap and is described as such because it can be positioned over the lap to be used.

What do laptops look like?

If you’re wondering ” What does a laptop look like” Here is a photo to help you.

What does a laptop look like – source: pixbay

In a simple phrase A laptop is a compact laptop that can be carried wherever you want, provided that there is a battery power source. The laptop is comprised of an LCD monitor, processor as well as a keyboard, mouse and battery, all contained in one device. Laptops’ weight available on the market is between 1 to 6 kg, and it is contingent on the size and the material of the maker.


Some of the top laptop brands that are highly sought-after from customers are Apple, Dell, MSI, HP, Toshiba, Asus, Acer, Samsung and Lenovo. With these laptop brands , you’ll discover it as familiar. If you’re looking for more details about these laptop brands then you can look up the web.


What is the laptop’s performance?

As a normal laptop, laptops come with all the software needed to run a variety of software and functions.

Laptop Functions

When it comes to laptop capabilities, there’s plenty of them depending on the individual user. Here are some of the most common laptop functions that are popular among computer users.

1. Typing Documents and Data Entry

It is a function that is definitely well-known. Laptops are used by many computer users to write documents and enter data in agencies as well as businesses. Before you can utilize the laptop for writing or tools for data entry, it is necessary to install Office applications to your laptop.

2. Media presentation

A lot of laptop users use the device as a presentation tool since it’s easy to use. One of the programs required to use a laptop into a tool for presentation includes The Office PowerPoint application, which is available for both paid and free.

3. Entertainment media

One of the main laptop uses is entertainment. The majority of laptop users utilize this device to watch videos, play music and playing games.

4. Media design

There are a variety of applications for laptops within the multimedia realm. Laptop users typically use the device for graphic design photography, editing photos audio, and video. Of course, laptop users must install multimedia applications for graphic design, photo editing animation, audio and video.

5. Communication Media

Technology has advanced to the point that and the advancement of technology, it’s no longer feasible to communicate just using mobile devices. You can communicate effortlessly via laptops. Simply install a support app and connect to the internet.


6. Storage of data

Laptop functions that aren’t less important is storage media for data. Your laptop can keep important data on it and secure access to it. The size of the storage capacity is dependent on the hard drive space that is that is installed within your laptop.

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Laptops of different types

Today, a variety of laptop specifications and laptops are offered on the market. The specifications themselves are essential elements like processors hard drives, RAM as well as video card. But, the kind of laptop is an aspect of the physical form and function of the laptop.


Netbooks’ primary features are a tiny 10-11 inches display, light processor / specifications for RAM and hard drives and the lowest cost of a laptop.

If you’re in need of a lighter laptop, a netbook could be an option. It’s as easy such as email, browsing or office, and you don’t require a high performance computer.

General / Everyday Laptop

Screen sizes vary between 11 and 17 inches. They come with affordable specs and prices. It’s faster than a netbook , and is appropriate for many everyday tasks. Some models are equipped to run games and 3D programs that have low setting. A budget range of 300-400$, irrespective of the model or weight, it’s ideal for those searching for a laptop that can be used for daily use.


It’s a blend of contemporary, fashionable and lightweight designs with top-quality specifications. The Ultrabook could represent one of the Windows model of Macbook Air. The screen’s dimensions range from 11-16 inches, however, it weighs 2 kilograms. With a long-lasting battery.

Prices and specifications vary from high-end models such as those of the Asus Zenbook to affordable ultrabooks such as Acer’s Acer Aspire S3 and Toshiba Satellite U series. These are ideal for students, professionals and anyone who has high mobility and sophisticated computing requirements.

Business Laptop

This laptop has a more robust, impact-resistant design and frame. It’s highly mobile and appropriate for professionals with workplaces at their workplace. It’s not expensive, but the quality and reliability are evident with the top-quality models offered on the market like those from Lenovo Thinkpad HP EliteBook as well as Dell Latitude.

Gaming Laptop

Laptops such as Dell Alienware, Asus ROG, Toshiba Qosmio, or MSI GT are laptops for new games and top picture and audio quality. They are not cheap and batteries are usually expensive and heavy in comparison to laptops as a whole. However, gaming laptops are laptops that have the most advanced specifications. Ideal for those who love to play. Also, if you’re an expert who utilizes the latest 3D and video editor software