Double Chance Bet

A popular type of bet that has been gaining popularity in recent times has been the bet on double chances. The most popular use of it is in football betting, a two chance bet is accessible in sports with three possible outcomes.

In any football game there are three possible outcomes The winning team wins home team winning for the team that is playing, or the game could be an unfinished draw.

Double chance offers gamblers two odds to win, giving them the option of choosing one of the three possible outcomes of any game to increase the odds of winning the bet.

The article we will take an in-depth look at the double chance bet, analyzing its pros and cons, and also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the double chance bet.

How Does the Double Chance Bet Work?

As we mentioned earlier, there three possible outcomes to any football game. You can place your bets on the home team to take the spoils or a victory on the road or even a tense draw.

But, with the double chance wager, your odds of winning increase since it is possible to combine these options into a single option.

Let’s consider a hypothetical scenario It’s the day that is the last in the Premier League season and Leicester have a tough home game at Liverpool. For Leicester the stakes are very high. A draw or win will ensure Champions League football. Liverpool have the title already secured and an eye on their coming Champions League final, are likely to lay off some of their most important players.

With these facts one could reasonably think that the Foxes to earn at least one point to claim the coveted Champions League spot but a journey to Anfield can be a challenge even at the most ideal of times. The odds offered by the bookies of 3.25 on the away win are a good indication even with Liverpool playing without star names such as Salah, Firmino and Robertson.

If you choose Double Chance with odds of 1.67 and above, you can increase the chances of winning a bet by choosing two of the three outcomes that are possible, i.e. Leicester to either win or draw the game.

Although the odds are less but your odds of winning are now doubled with two of three outcomes being favorable.

What are the Possible Outcomes in a Double Chance Bet?

If you are betting on a double chance There are three possible options to choose from:

  • Draw or Home win Double Chance 1x bet would be a winner in the event that the home team wins or the game ends with drawn. The bet is lost if the team from away win.
  • Draw or Double Chance for Away Win two times – The bet is likely to win in the event that the game ends with a draw, or the team from away wins. The bet will lose if the home team win.
  • home or away – A bet is likely to win if the team from home or away is victorious in the match. The bet will lose if the game end in drawn.

What are the Advantages of Making a Double Chance Bet?

There are definitely benefits to making the double chance option.

In the first place, and most importantly the odds of winning your bet increase when compared to the market. WDW (win-draw-win) markets. Instead of betting on just one outcome You can pick two and increase the odds of winning success.

Double chance betting is especially appealing when you are backing an underdog, especially if you are expecting a surprising outcome from a game. In the previous instance, placing a bet on the possibility of a Leicester victory might be too much since they just require a point to reach their goal. Therefore the double chance option in this game will be more sensible.

When you back the underdog, whether it wins either way, or draw you are able to win your bet without the an unexpected outcome. You also have the security of knowing that the draw could also result in an winning bet.

This is a great choice in the event that you’re certain that your team won’t lose, but you can’t be convinced to back them to victory on the WDW market.

What are the Disadvantages of Making a Double Chance Bet?

As you would imagine, if you were to be placing bets on two possible outcomes during a game it is much less than only betting on one outcome of a football game or sporting event.

In our Liverpool/Leicester scenario backing a draw with 3.1 odds will yield the most significant profit margin than the 1.67 odds that are offered by the double chance of a draw , or Leicester victory.

Additionally to that, betting on the double chance strategy isn’t always a good option for betting on a clear favorite. A team that is priced at 1.53 odds on winning typically would be priced at 1.14 to draw or win the odds, which even if you’re playing seriously high stakes, is not an attractive value that is low in the overall value of betting.

Is Double Chance a Profitable Market?

If used properly When used properly, the double chance bet market is definitely a popular one, particularly in matches where you are expecting the underdog to outperform. While odds are clearly lower with double chance bets These types of bets are perfect for those seeking better value and lower risk when playing doubles, trebles or other accas.


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