Fixed Matches And Issues

We’ve all heard about however, can you actually bet on fixed games? How do you tell if the game could have been fixed?

The article Sporita offers a deeper review of fixed matches, the indications that a game may be fixed, and what can you do to stay clear of fixed match tipping scams that are prevalent in the murky world of gambling on football.

Understanding Fixed Matches

We’ve all heard about the famous match fixing scandals from the past. from the notorious Italian football scandal of the 1980s, to the Marseille controversy in the 90s that led to the French team removed from the Ligue 1 title, match-fixing isn’t a new idea.

Let’s get it straight – If you’ve received any message, email or text message or media message from someone offering important information about the upcoming soccer match claims to be fixed, it’s probably false.

Even if it’s not an offence, match fixing is a crime and could result in severe punishment for those accused of conspiring to alter the results of a soccer match.

But, with the sheer number of betting possibilities, and so many different leagues to bet on. Regulators have a lot of work to do in protecting the integrity of the game and the industry.

Let’s be clear – If someone offers you information about a “fixed match”, ask yourself: why would someone be willing to share this kind of information with an unknown person or make it available via social networks when one can simply bet their money on the outcome that is said to be fixed?

Before we dive deep into the specifics of the match-fixing scam it is imperative to stress that you should not respond to any emails offering information about fixed sporting events. The simple fact is that the offer of information in exchange for cash is always a fraud.

What’s a fixed-match betting fraud?

So, you’ve been provided with important information about the possibility of a fixed match. It sounds too promising to be true you think? It’s because it is.

The most popular fraud involving fixed-match betting is to send details to large groups of individuals.

Let’s consider a basic scenario: The perpetrators behind the scam have received 100 responses to their emails offering information about a fixed game. Every single one of them would be willing to pay information on the match “information” on the outcome of the game.

In this instance the scammers claim to be aware of the result of the match. Therefore, with just three possibilities of outcomes, that is either a home win either away win or draw, scammers will inform one third of people who respond that the home team is likely to be victorious. The other group will be informed the result will be an away victory, and the last group of people will be informed that the game will end with drawn.

When the match is over After the match is played, 66% or two-thirds of the 100 respondents have lost the bet. However, one of 100 responders who responded, which is 33%, could, actually have the bet won and we now think that the scam may be true and the source could be a true insider on outcomes of fixed soccer games.

To keep the scam going to continue the scam, scammers send another email to the people who have won the first fix match tips. But, this time the cost of the information has increased. Still, confident of the initial winnings, those who walked away on the first try are willing to shell out for more details that could make them in a pretty sure-fire win.

Again, the people in charge of the system will split the contestants into three groups: three of the host team one for the away team and a third for draw.

As in the previous week, a third of the group have lost and feel cheated after having bought the second batch of information. There is however one group who has been successful in two consecutive bets, and are now completely convinced of the authenticity and validity of this information.

As time passes, the fraudsters are now able to identify 3 or 4 individuals from the initial 100 who have won two bets in a row . They are willing to pay the money in exchange to get more details on the fixed-match.

The scammers are now able to take the victims exactly where they would like them to be. With two wins the degree of trust has been established. The second time around, a significant rise in the cost of the information is not enough to deter winners who have been fooled into thinking they were receiving genuine information about an outcome that is guaranteed.

The scam is likely to be repeated over and over hundreds of unsuspecting vulnerable individuals who are willing to throw their money away to win a prize.

How can I prevent being scammed?

Perhaps you think only the stupid and foolish are at risk of scams in the betting industry?

Although it may be easy for experienced gamblers identify a scam involving fixed match betting However, many novice gamblers are easily conned into giving up their hard-earned money.

To ensure you are not being taken advantage of, here are some crucial points to be aware of and watch out for:

  • There is no shortcut in life, not even when it comes to betting. Don’t fall for believing that overnight success will bring you massive profits. If you’d like to become successful in your football betting make sure you only get reliable information from legitimate betting sites for sports like Sporita.
  • Do not join any betting group on social media, where they make use of phrases like fixed soccer matches Fixed matches today or correct score fixed games and best-fixed 1×2 matches These are all SCAM!
  • Don’t fall for an apparent genuine social media account – These fake profiles appear authentic to the non-trained eye.

Although it is proven that fixed matches are indeed present however, there is no evidence that suggests these criminals are not also involved in the field of charitable causes. Why would they divulge such crucial details?

If the match was corrected, but your data is found to be incorrect How content are you going to be knowing that you’ve lost money in the event of a predetermined result?

To avoid the risks in fixed-match betting it is advised to avoid betting on games that are obscure from small leagues that could be corrupt. Stay with what you know and always get your data from a reliable and reliable sports betting website such as Sporita.

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