The 5 Best Prediction Software 2022

A successful punter is dependent on the most accurate football prediction software, which will make him make the bank smile.

Does this mean that you cannot be successful without a Soccer prediction program?

Of course, you can. However, think of a prediction software such as leverage that will increase the likelihood of earning the most lucrative return from your investment.

One of the main reasons that people make money from football is that they are constantly making assumptions.

They make assumptions about the outcome based on the odds offered by bookmakers, without conducting any deep investigation to confirm their beliefs.

In the end, they lose their investments, and also boost the fortunes of book publishers.

You must possess a high football prediction IQ to be able to assess the football game in the near future and formulate winning predictions.

Your best option is to search for the football prediction software that will guarantee you a good ROI on your investment.

Yes, there are a lot of football prediction sites and software available However, the purpose on this post is to examine the top five football prediction tools.

We came to this list after having invested in each of the platforms included and calculating our return on investment.

In the table below we will begin with the program that has given us the most Return on Investment, and then move to the lowest.

Here we present the top five football prediction software that you can trust for punting.

The Five Best Football Prediction Software in 2020

1. Sporita

There are a lot of fraudulent and misleading prediction apps available on the internet promising huge return on investment, the bookmakers are now more wealthy than ever before.

What if you could beat the bookmakers in themselves? This is where the Sporita Football Prediction Software comes to play.

Sporita’s football forecasts have an average return of 30 percent. The reason for this is due in part to Sporita makes use of predictions based on value bets that are the most effective method in beating the bookies.

Sporita provides you with a chance to overcome obstacles, avoid adversity the odds, and become a successful punter.

It’s currently the most powerful and most reliable football prediction software that has been carefully created with the latest technology, and is able to comprehend football to the highest degree.

It is a game that is unbalanced between the punter and bookies by pushing the punter in front of the bookies.

You may be wondering what is it that makes Sporita an exceptional soccer prediction software. Check it out below!

The Prediction Algorithm

The punting community is yet to experience an exact soccer forecast program equipped with an intelligent algorithm that is able to match its prediction formula.

Sporita’s algorithm searches for betting markets that have been overpriced by bookies across more than 50 top leagues across the world.

It’s not necessary to mention that this can mean big wins for Sporita punters every day.

The Winning Potential

The majority of soccer prediction software claims to make you a millionaire within a few hours however, we know this is not possible.

Only a few prediction tools can truly give you a high-quality return on investment.

The free tips on the Sporita platform provide you with 1- 3 percent ROI and the VIP program gives you a 25 – 30 percent ROI.

Based on our research, found, different platforms on the internet have a maximum 3.5 percent ROI.

This is what makes Premium Membership provides you with greater value on your Sporita Soccer Prediction platform. (Remove)


Sporita hosts more than 5,000 top punters as well as millions of visitors.

Based on the amount of daily VIP signups We expect Sporita’s membership base to grow to 100,000+ by 2025.

User Interface

Sporita offers a pulsating user interface that introduces users to the possibility of winning big and the highest chances of winning.

For each tip, you’ll be able to see an amount of your account to be allocated to that tip. Additionally, you will see the bookmakers that provide the highest odds for this tip.

Transparency and Support

Sporita is not able to conceal incorrect results. If a prediction is not successful then Sporita’s prediction software Sporita prediction software will issue an update for positive and negative outcomes.

In this way, it is more simple for punters to determine the winnings.

Contacting Sporita for assistance is simple and enjoyable. Click the “Contact Us option at the at the top of the page.

Alternatively, you can send a mail to a5******dc3@0*** or message via Sporita Facebook page @

Types of Predictions on the Sporita Football Prediction Platform

Sporita remains to be one of the soccer prediction apps which provide free , accurate predictions for punters.

However, you need to make a small deposit to win the maximum amount of money you can win from betting on Sporita.

Free Tips

The free tips available on Sporita aren’t as helpful as the VIP tips.

However it will still give the possibility of a profit of 1 to 3 %.

It is specifically designed ideal for those who would like to try the platform prior to becoming VIP.

VIP Tips

Sporita developed The VIP service specifically designed for investors who wish to see their money serve them and earn a an impressive monthly profit.

It removes the burden of preparing football analysis yourself, and lets you concentrate on earning money.

NOTE: You can make use of the filter options to find the tips you want.

How to Sign Up for Sporita Winning Predictions

Step 1

Go to and click Join Free Today.

Step 2

Enter your correct email address and your preferred Sporita username and password. Click the box that says “I Agree to Sporta’s Terms and Conditions” and then click Register.

Congratulations! You are now officially an official member of the world’s most accurate scoring software.

How to Go VIP on Sporita

You can join Sporita as a VIP punter to earn more money. How?

Step 1

Log in with your Sporita account and then select”Spotrita” and then click the “VIP Tips tab. Select Go VIP.

Step 2

Choose the best plan from the available plans. Be aware that every subscription comes with tips that vary that are listed. It is recommended to go for the plan that has the most tips to save cash.

Step 3

Choose a payment method that is convenient from the options. Click Additional Payment Methods for a more comprehensive list of payment options.

The next step is to make your payment and begin earning money using Sporita the unique football prediction tool.

Why Choose Sporita Football Prediction Software?

It must be a Sporita software as there’s not a single soccer or football prediction program that gives quality predictions.

Furthermore, there are plenty of free soccer predictions available under the category of Tips that are free.

It’s true that you cannot expect to get everything you want from the free membership that’s why you must sign up for your premium plan.

In the end, Sporita remains the most accurate football prediction tool out there.

It is highly suggested football prediction for novice and professional punters.

Sign up for accurate outcomes NOW, and do not forget to improve your football predicting skills via

2. BetClan

Second-Best Football Prediction Software

BetClan has the most direct rival in the race with Sporita as the top soccer prediction website and software.

They provide a variety of football-related tools that make predictions a reality.

A remarkable winning record is found at BetClan as punters can come together to share their predictions. How great is this winning streak?

In our month-long study our betting return on BetClan is approximately 3.5 percent.

How Much You Can Win by using BetClan?

Another time, around 3.5 percent per month on your total bankroll.

Why You Should Pick BetClan

This article outlines the many reasons BetClan is a good alternative to Sporita the most renowned soccer betting website worldwide. Below are a few compelling arguments.

Free Prediction Tips

Football prediction tips are helpful to help punters find most successful strategies.

On BetClan There is many topics that have been created for punters that want to learn about new betting strategies and improve their skills and also win.


In the last 20 years the accumulator betting has gained a lot of popularity across the globe. Few prediction programs offer accumulations, which are an additional feature available on BetClan.

You can therefore anticipate to discover the basic principles of using accumulators to make accurate predictions.

Voted Predictions

Sometimes, it’s acceptable to share football prediction tips with other punters. On BetClan you can get access to an array of football predictions made by successful punters.

Unfortunately the predictions made by other users are average to say the least.

Football News

You can stay up-to-date with the latest football news across the globe on BetClan.

Bet Caln is also a excellent source for team’s injury news.

The reports, however, focus on the elite leagues.

Live Scores

You can follow live matches on BetClan.

Mobile App

Another fantastic option is to install the BetClan prediction application to access several features that aren’t available on the BetClan website.

The Down Side

The algorithm for prediction is static, in contrast to the algorithm for prediction on Sporita which is dynamic. Additionally, the algorithm, in its optimal form, will give the following results: 3.5 percent ROI.

3. Bullet Bet Predictions

Bullet Bet Prediction software the third top football prediction machine.

The platform also offers football statistics live scores football news, football predictions, soccer news as well as video highlights.

Bullet Bet Predictions also works by using AI algorithms.

A month-long experiment on this site showed an ROI of 2.3 percentage ROI.

The reasons to choose the Bullet Bet Soccer prediction Software

User Interface

The user interface is rated 7/10. It’s not bad but it’s not very responsive.

The design is also cool.

Additionally, they have a very informative live section , where you can track all of your matches, check live statistics, and listen to live commentary on the match.

League Coverage

The newbie punters like to follow and bet only on the top leagues such as Premier League, La Liga, Series A, Bundesliga as well as Ligue 1.

It’s only five leagues that’s not too bad, isn’t it?

However, the most successful punters would prefer a wider selection of leagues. the Bullet Bet Predictions program is able to cover more than 200 football leagues across the world.

It is all thanks to the intricate algorithms that are able to analyse and compile home and away performance, the teams that are in form as well as the past performance of various teams in different leagues.

Machine-Based Prediction

Although Bullet Bet Predictions has a strong algorithm, it’s not as effective as Sporita’s algorithms.

If you’re looking to generate a consistent, long-term income, this might not be the right website for you.

Live Football News, Videos, and Scores

Do you want to continue live events when you are betting in live?

If yes then Bullet Bet Predictions offers you the ability for live sports as well as football news and video highlights.

You can use Highlights to keep track of games that you were not in a position to watch live.

4. Predegy

Predegy is the only football prediction software that is unique in its field, since it’s completely free.

Predegy was launched with a prediction of football tool with its own unique algorithm in 2017.

It’s clear that this is a newcomer in the punting world.

It could be the chance of negotiating with the big guys in the near future.

What is it that makes Predegy distinct from the rest of its competitors?

Free Weekly Predictions

There is no need the privilege of being a VIP member in order to get access to the predictions.

Unfortunately, free predictions offer lower odds of returning positive results.

Registering as a free user gives you access to the three-way predictions.

Access to handicap and goal predictions by those who subscribe to the VIP Plan (which is also available for free for a reason)

League Coverage

There are many leagues that are were covered, and we’ve observed that they’re constantly creating new leagues and competitions.

Predictions Algorithm

Predegy’s algorithm analyzes more than 300 variables to determine the result of each game.

The data set includes the home/away winning record list, H2H stats including injury list, winning streaks, etc.

You are guaranteed absolute perfection. Predegy uses big data algorithms to make their predictions.

But, during our month-long study we were unable to produce an ROI greater than 1.7 percent ROI.

5. ODDS Tribe

The construction of a reliable football prediction machine can be a challenging job, and only a handful of forecasters are capable of performing the achievement.

ODDS Tribe is a forecasting company that is developing an excellent prediction software for punters.

Advantages and disadvantages of ODDS Tribe Software to predict soccer matches


Joining a club simple since all you have to do register to confirm the email address you have registered with.

However, you’ll realize that this prediction tool is only available for mobile devices.

The app is quite impressive, but it’s still in the early stages of development and isn’t equipped with many features, such as the ability sort your bets according to leagues.

Customer Support

The customer support is top-notch and helpful.

User Interface

The app is fairly new, and the design and interface are basic, but we’re certain they’ll get better over time.

Prediction Algorithm

The algorithms constantly scan the field of football to determine high odds and accurate probability.

There is no need to trawl through the data for hours because you can use the ODDS Value Bet Finder from Tribe constantly alerts you to the most profitable bets.

We tried it for a month , and we only got 1% of the return from our initial investment.

Football Prediction Sofware FAQs

Which Sofware is the Best for Football Prediction?

Sporita is the most reliable application for accurate football predictions around the globe.

It’s the first app that has a ROI of 30%.

The most trusted site to make football predictions is Sporita.

Numerous top sites for football have praised Sporita as one of the top in the industry.

Some have even claimed that it is responsible as the reason for the Football Betting Revolution.

How Do I Use Sporita’s Football Prediction Sofware?

The process of using Sporita is quite simple.

All tips have scores assigned to them. The score can range between 1 and 10. The higher the score is, the more reliable the prediction.

The ideal scenario is placing bets with tips that have a scores that are higher than 8.

How Much Can I Win with Sporita’s Football Predictions Software?

When you keep placing bets consistently on Sporita’s generated tips you could see a 30 percent ROI.